Kang Daniel Seen Wearing a Scarf Made by TWICE JIHYO?

Aug 9, 2019

Kang Daniel Seen Wearing a Scarf Made by TWICE JIHYO?
K-pop artist Kang Daniel was spotted wearing a scarf that looked much like a scarf made by JIHYO of girl group TWICE.

Recently, some eagle-eyed fans noticed similarities between scarves that JIHYO had knitted for her fellow members and one of Kang Daniel's scarves.

If you are TWICE's fan, you will definitely know JIHYO's immense interest and love for knitting.

JIHYO was especially into it last year and knitted a scarf or hat whenever she had time.JIHYOThen last winter, it was revealed that JIHYO had given those handmade scarves to her fellow members as a gift.

The members expressed their gratitude on the group's social media, making sure their fans knew about it.TWICETWICEAround the same time, Kang Daniel came to an airport with a light brown scarf wrapped around his neck.

At that time, some fans thought the scarf was quite different from the usual style of fashion items that Kang Daniel went for, but nobody noticed that it was almost identical to the ones that TWICE members had.

Although the colors were not the same, Kang Daniel and TWICE members' scarves all shared the same style and knitting patterns.Kang DanielThis has only recently come into light following Kang Daniel and JIHYO's dating news that became the topic for talks of a great number of K-pop fans across the globe.

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It is just speculation, but it seemed many fans found it convincing enough that they believed it to be true.

They said, "They all look very similar, indeed. Hmmm... I wonder if Daniel really received that scarf from JIHYO. It does seem likely though.", "So, JIHYO gave the scarves she made to the ones she cares about? I find that sweet.", "Awww I don't know if this is true, but if it is, then it would probably be the cutest thing I've seen this year!", and so on.

(Credit= 'nasoong_hing' Twitter, Online Community, 'twicetagram' Instagram)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)