NU'EST REN Gets Caught Doing Volunteer Work?

Aug 9, 2019

NU'EST REN Gets Caught Doing Volunteer Work?
K-pop boy group NU'EST's member REN was spotted doing volunteer work at one community welfare center.

Recently, one K-pop fan shared a selfie she took with REN along with a very detailed explanation of how she was able to take this picture.
RENShe wrote, "I needed volunteer hours, so I called the nearest community welfare center. Then, they told me that they need someone to transcribe the books into braille. So I went there, and there was REN."
RENThe fan continued, "My heart started to beat so fast but I didn't ask him for an autograph because I didn't want to make things weird. So I just left the center without talking to him. But then, I ran into him again at a bookstore near the center."
RENShe added, "We talked for a while and after we got out of the store, he said goodbye to me while trying to get in a cab. I usually don't do stuff like that because I'm too shy, but I stopped him and asked for a picture."

In the picture she uploaded, REN was wearing a black mask that covered almost everything except his beautiful eyes; and there was a reason he wanted to keep the mask on.

She said, "He said that his face is breaking out and if it's okay with me, he'd like to keep the mask on."
RENAfter hearing this story, his fans commented, "He spent his day off helping others? Wow. He really is a saint.", "He truly is beautiful inside and out.", "Thank you for sharing your story.", and so on.

(Credit= Online Community, SBS funE, PLEDIS Entertainment)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)