Jung Hae In Gifts His Manager a Luxury Car

Aug 9, 2019

Jung Hae In Gifts His Manager a Luxury Car
Actress Jung Hae In has bought a luxury car as a thank you gift for his manager.

On August 9, news outlet Ilgan Sports reported that Jung Hae In recently purchased a luxury car to give it to his manager.Jung Hae InThe report stated, "Jung Hae In and his manager have been working together ever since his debut in 2013. It seemed it was Jung Hae In's way to express his gratitude to his manager."

It also said, "It is rare for a celebrity to gift their staff members such a luxurious gift, but it does not come as a surprise as Jung Hae In is known to treat everyone around him very well."

Shortly after the report was publicized, Jung Hae In's management agency confirmed it to be true.Jung Hae InAfter the reading about this, Jung Hae In's fans commented, "Wow, what an amazing guy!", "That is totally something that is easier said than done. I'm proud to be his fan.", "Exactly the reason why everyone else should also join our fandom!", and so on.Jung Hae InMeanwhile, Jung Hae In awaits for his romance movie 'Tune in for Love' to come out on August 28.

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(Lee Narin, SBS Star)