Kang Daniel Sells out All 17,000 Tickets for His Fan Meeting Tour

Aug 12, 2019

Kang Daniel Sells out All 17,000 Tickets for His Fan Meeting Tour
K-pop artist Kang Daniel once again proved his popularity by selling out all the tickets for his upcoming fan meeting tour which will be held in more than four countries.

Recently, Kang Daniel's management agency KONNECT Entertainment revealed that he will kick off his fan meeting tour 'COLOR ON ME' with the fan meeting in Singapore where he will spend a quality time with 4,000 of his fans.
Kang DanielThe agency added that Kang Daniel will head to three more cities including Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Taipei to meet up with 4,000 fans, 5,600 fans, and 3,000 fans, respectively.

When the tickets for his Bangkok fan meeting became available online on August 10 (local time), a total of 50,000 fans made an attempt to purchase the ticket even though the number of tickets that were available was only 5,600.
Kang DanielHowever, thanks to the fans who did not give up and kept trying, KONNECT Entertainment decided to open 2,400 more seats for those who failed to get the tickets.
Kang DanielAccording to the agency, Kang Daniel is currently doing his best to make a special and unforgettable memory with his fans through his fan meeting.
Kang DanielKONNECT Entertainment said, "We'd like to express our gratitude to Kang Daniel's fans who have shown such an enthusiastic response. Please look forward to his fan meeting."

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel is planning on unveiling the next stops of his fan meeting one by one. 

(Credit= KONNECT Entertainment, 'daniel.k.here' Instagram, 'danielk_konnect' Twitter)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)