MONSTA X WONHO Bleeds on Stage While Performing?

Aug 13, 2019

MONSTA X WONHO Bleeds on Stage While Performing?
K-pop boy group MONSTA X's member WONHO cracked up his fans with a hilarious incident that happened during performance.

On August 10 (local time), MONSTA X held a concert in Los Angeles, the United States as part of its world tour 'WE ARE HERE'.
MONSTA XOn this day, the members stole the hearts of their fans with visually-satisfying and flawless stages and made it difficult for them to pick their jaws off the floor.
MONSTA XWONHO who showed up on the stage with his pink hair on the tip also did his best to exceed his fans' expectation, but it seems like that was not the best idea since he ended up scaring many of his fans instead of impressing them at one point.

A sweat kept dripping down his face as WONHO danced, and that sweat turned into blood and startling everyone at the site.
MONSTA XHowever, WONHO remained calm and finished the performance like a professional even though his fellow members and the audience seemed pretty rattled.

But later on it turned out that there was a reason WONHO was able to keep his cool. 

It was because the liquid that dripped down his forehead was not blood; but a hair dye that got mixed with his sweat.
MONSTA XAfter finding out what it really was, MINHYUK kindly wiped it off his face while WONHO caught his breath.

Upon seeing these hilarious pictures of WONHO, his fans commented, "I thought he bumped his head on something.", "MINHYUK's so sweet! It must be nice to have a friend like that.", "Well, I learned a valuable lesson today! I'm never going to use a hair manicure!", and so on.

(Credit= 'FateWonho' 'OfficialMonstaX' Twitter)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)