NCT TEN Wows Fans with His Smartphone Keyboard Setup

Aug 12, 2019

NCT TEN Wows Fans with His Smartphone Keyboard Setup
K-pop boy group NCT's Thai member TEN impressed not only his fans but also the public with his ability to use four different languages on his phone.

Recently, a photo that captures TEN's smartphone keyboard situation went viral online.
TENAs the first Thai debuted under SM Entertainment, TEN was already fluent in both Thai and English even before kicking off his journey as a trainee.

Not only that, TEN could speak Korean fluently after being trained in Korea for his debut in the country.
TENOn top of Thai, English and Korean, TEN trained himself in Chinese for his debut as NCT's sub-unit for the Chinese market, WayV.

As a quatrolingual, TEN needs many keyboards on his smartphone to message his family, friends, and fellow NCT members.
TENFans spotted TEN's smartphone with keyboards in multiple languages; English as the top, emoji as the second, Thai as the third, Korean as the fourth with Chinese Hanyu Pinyin and Chinese handwriting as the last two.

Upon seeing the photo, fans commented, "He's not only a great dancer of NCT, but also a great interpreter!", "Now that's impressive. Teach me, TEN!", "He's like the future of K-pop.", and more.
SuperMMeanwhile, TEN is currently gearing up for his upcoming U.S. debut as the member of SM Entertainment's joint group SuperM.

(Credit= SM Entertainment, Online Community)

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