Kim Woo Bin Shows His Love to Shin Mina with a Snack Truck & Supporting Messages

Aug 12, 2019

Kim Woo Bin Shows His Love to Shin Mina with a Snack Truck & Supporting Messages
Actor Kim Woo Bin sent a snack truck to his girlfriend actress Shin Mina to show her his love and support.

On August 12, one snack truck company shared some photos on their Instagram.

The photos were of a snack truck parked at the filming site of Shin Mina's upcoming drama 'Chief of Staff: Season 2'. Shin MinaIt was decorated with photos of Shin Mina and there were also messages written next to them.

On one, it said, "To all Chief of Staff: Season 2's staff members and actors/actresses, I know the work is tiring but you can do it! I'll be supporting you!"

On the other one, it said, "Giving my support to everyone working hard for the drama, especially to Shin Mina; a lot more to her. ♥"  
Shin MinaThe company explained in the caption, "Kim Woo Bin sent us these messages to write on the truck. So sweet, right?"

They added, "Every person who stopped by to have some snacks and drinks from the truck said that they were jealous of Shin Mina. Shin Mina came earlier as well, and seemed very happy."Shin MinaShin MinaShin MinaAlthough Kim Woo Bin and Shin Mina have been together for years, they have never publicly expressed their love for one another like this before.

This would mark the first time for Kim Woo Bin to have publicly expressed his love for Shin Mina, and all fans are unable to stop themselves from going "Awww!" at the moment.Shin MinaKim Woo Bin and Shin Mina first met while filming a commercial together in February 2015.

They then soon developed feelings for each other and began dating that year.

(Credit= '지오다노코리아' YouTube, 'supportruck' Instagram)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)