TXT SOOBIN Accidentally Almost Bumps Into TWICE DAHYUN & His Reaction Is Hilarious

Aug 12, 2019

TXT SOOBIN Accidentally Almost Bumps Into TWICE DAHYUN & His Reaction Is Hilarious
K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)'s leader SOOBIN showed a funny reaction when he accidentally almost bumped into girl group TWICE's member DAHYUN.

On August 1, '2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS' (2019 MGMA) was held at KSPO Dome, Seoul, where lots of K-pop acts were invited, including TXT and TWICE.

At the end of '2019 MGMA', all K-pop acts came out on stage to say goodbye to the audience, and the funniest thing occurred then.

While waving their hands towards the audience area, all artists walked towards the exit together.SOOBINAt that time, SOOBIN was walking behind DAHYUN, who was excitedly talking to another girl group IZ*ONE's member Lee Chae Yeon.

As SOOBIN was looking sideways while walking, he did not notice that DAHYUN was right in front him.

When SOOBIN had noticed that he was too close to DAHYUN, he quietly said to himself, "Whoa!" then immediately stepped back.

Thanks to his great reflexes, SOOBIN was able to avoid having an unnecessary physical contact with DAHYUN.SOOBINHowever, his hands happened to have brushed against the tip of DAHYUN's hair, making her turn around.

As soon as SOOBIN's eyes met DAHYUN's, he covered his mouth in embarrassment and awkwardly bowed to her.

DAHYUN bowed to him back, then kept going her way, but SOOBIN still looked stunned from what had just happened.

SOOBIN slowed down and repeatedly bowed to DAHYUN until she moved further away from him.SOOBINAfter noticing this, fans commented, "LOL He must've not expected her to turn around.", "Just look at how surprised he looked there!", "His reaction was priceless!", and so on.

(Credit= Online Community)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)