IU Surprises Everyone with Her Unbelievably Small Hands

Aug 13, 2019

IU Surprises Everyone with Her Unbelievably Small Hands
K-pop artist IU's hands are so small that it made everyone doubt their own eyes.

Recently, one fan compiled the pictures of IU which showed how small her hands are compared to others.
IUFor the past decade, IU gained a tremendous popularity and became one of the most beloved celebrities in Korea thanks to her amazing singing skills, sense of humor, and girl-next-door look.

However, there is one thing that not a lot of people knew about her and it is the size of her hands.
IU & IU's handsIU & IU's handsNo one could really tell how small her hands are when she put them next to her face, because she has such a small face.

But they could clearly see it after seeing her holding other people's hands and other objects.
IUThe soju glass, one of the tiniest glasses people use to drink alcohol, looked quite big in her hand, and she could not even cover the half of actor Cho Jung Seok's face with her hand.
IU & IU's handsAlso, IU and her fan looked like a baby and a dad; not an artist and a fan when they tried to do a fist bump because the size of her hand was just too small.

After seeing these pictures of IU, her fans commented, "I never knew her hands were that tiny.", "Even her hands are cute.", "I laughed so hard at the picture of her and Cho Jung Seok.", and so on.

(Credit= Online Community, KBS, 'iu.loen' Facebook)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)