5 Celebrities Who Always Work Hard to Watch Their Figure

Aug 13, 2019

5 Celebrities Who Always Work Hard to Watch Their Figure
A desire to eat food is not only a basic human desire, but also considered as a very first step of moving towards one's goals according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

On top of that, there is one type of food that one can never forget once they taste it because of its addictiveness―junk food.

Hamburger, pizza, fried chicken, and doughnut all taste amazing, but they could also be a serious threat to our health and a reason for weight gain.

For this reason, most of the K-pop artists tend to restrain themselves from eating this type of food during their promotional activities since it is almost impossible to stay in shape without such sacrifices.

However, there are some stars who are determined enough to stick to this strict meal plan throughout the whole year.

Let's take a closer look at these five celebrities who are known for their healthy eating habits, and find out what motivated them to have such a constructive lifestyle!

SOYOUSOYOU from disbanded K-pop girl group SISTAR not only has a healthy eating habit, but also is good at cooking.
SOYOUWhen SOYOU made appearance and JTBC's variety show 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator', she surprised the entire hosts and the guests of the show by revealing the fact that she does not eat ice cream and chocolates.
SOYOUShe also said, "When I don't have any schedule, I always eat at home. At our home, we don't usually eat salty food. I like my food bland."

2. Kim Jong-kook
Kim Jong-kookKorean singer Kim Jong-kook is one of the many stars that spring to mind when thinking of the celebrities who are amazing at watching their figure.
Kim Jong-kookHis passion for exercise is so strong that one time, he even moved his girlfriend by not going to the gym and spending time with her.
Kim Jong-kookDuring SBS' talk show 'Healing Camp', Kim Jong-kook also revealed that there are five things he never eats―instant noodle, gopchang (small intestines of cattle or pig), alcohol, salt, and night snacks.

3. Yoo Yeon Seok
Yoo Yeon SeokActor Yoo Yeon Seok revealed that he even started learning how to cook because of his eating preferences.
Yoo Yeon SeokBack in 2016, Yoo Yeon Seok made appearance at SBS' POWER FM's radio show 'Park Sun-young's Cinetown' and shared his thoughts on cooking.
Yoo Yeon SeokWhen the host of the show asked, "Are you good at cooking?", Yoo Yeon Seok answered, "I can't say that I'm good at cooking. But I prefer to cook for myself rather than eating a junk food."

4. P.O of Block B
P.OP.O of K-pop boy group Block B revealed the reason why he wants to become a chubby bakery owner after his retirement.
P.OOn January 12 episode of JTBC's talk show 'Knowing Brothers', P.O unveiled an old picture of him and explained how he controls his huge appetite.
P.OP.O said, "I've always been big ever since I was a little kid. I was actually quite fat, so I always try to watch what I eat. After I made my debut as a member of Block B, I've been only eating 30% of my appetite."

5. D.O. of EXO
D.O.K-pop boy group EXO's member D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) blurred the lines between singer and actor by getting his name out there in both fields.
D.O.When the director Oh Sung-yoon from the animated film 'Underdog' asked what was his secret to flawless skin and slim figure, D.O. replied, "I believed that the secret behind everything is, eating."
D.O.D.O. added, "I try to eat properly even if I could only eat one meal a day. Plus, I rarely eat junk food."

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