5 Talented Actors Who Were Born in 1993

Aug 13, 2019

5 Talented Actors Who Were Born in 1993
There are two things that determines the success of an actor―his looks and acting skills.

One's timing and luck could also play a huge role in building his career but once he succeeded in acquiring these two most crucial qualities, the entrance wall of success starts to get significantly low.

Some Koreans referred to the year of 1993 as a blessed year since many young actors who are not only stunning, but also talented were born in that exact year.

Despite their age, all of these celebrities have shown impressive achievements over the past few years and built a career that other actors could only dream of.

Let's find out more about these gifted 26-year-old actors and get a glimpse of their secret to success!

1. Lee Hyun Woo
Lee Hyun WooLee Hyun Woo who is currently serving his national mandatory duty in the military was born in March 23, 1993.
Lee Hyun WooLee Hyun Woo made his debut as a child actor with KBS' drama at the age of 11, and received a tremendous love for little over a decade before enlisting in the military in February 2018.
Lee Hyun WooAlso, Lee Hyun Woo utilized every opportunity to explore different genres of dramas and movies by starring in the movie 'Secretly Greatly' and 'Northern Limit Line', and KBS' drama 'Master of Study' and tvN's drama 'The liar and his lover'.

2. Seo Kang-jun
Seo Kang-junSome say that their hearts literally skipped a beat after seeing Seo Kang-jun on TV for the first time.
Seo Kang-junAfter hearing the news that he decided to take a role in JTBC's drama 'The Third Charm' as a male lead, most of his fans went completely wild since the idea of seeing him on a small screen for eight consecutive weeks truly sounded like a dream.
Seo Kang-junSeo Kang-jun not only impeccably pulled off all the characters he played in the last few years including 'In-ho' in tvN's drama 'cheeseinthetrap' and 'Young-bin' in 'Entourage', but also turned many viewers into his enthusiastic fans.

3. Yoo Seung Ho
Yoo Seung HoYoo Seung Ho who is recently gaining a phenomenal popularity with his appearance in SBS' drama 'My Strange Hero' was born on August 17, 1993.
Yoo Seung HoYoo Seung Ho made his debut with a drama back in 2000 and he made a constant effort to expand his spectrum as an actor until he enlisted in the military in 2013.
Yoo Seung HoYoo Seung Ho became an inspiration to many other child actors since he not only succeeded in making a smooth transition to a fine young actor, but also managed to shake off all the stigma and the myth of a child actor.

4. Park Bo Gum
Park Bo GumBorn on June 16, 1993, Park Bo Gum is currently showing off an incredible chemistry with his co-star Song Hye Kyo in tvN's drama 'Encounter'.
Park Bo GumPark Bo Gum made his debut as an actor with the movie 'Blind' back in 2011, but he already had a huge fandom even before his debut since his looks reminded the public of one renowned child actor from the 2000s―Lee Hyun Woo.
Park Bo GumPark Bo Gum stole the hearts of many with his appearance in tvN's drama 'reply1988' and KBS' drama 'Love in the Moonlight' and even conquered the world of variety shows with JTBC's reality show 'Hyo-ri's Homestay' (literal translation).

5. D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) of EXO
D.O.D.O., a member of K-pop boy group EXO is also one of the stars who were born in 1993.
D.O.In 2014, D.O. opened a new chapter of his life by making his debut as an actor with SBS' beloved drama 'It's Okay, That's Love'.
D.O.After making a huge success with this drama, D.O. was able to secure his position as an actor within just a couple of years thanks to his beautiful eyes and amazing voice.

Now, D.O. is considered as one of the most up-and-coming actors of this era.

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