'YoongiWeLoveYou' Trends as Haters Bash BTS SUGA for His Weight Gain

Aug 13, 2019

'YoongiWeLoveYou' Trends as Haters Bash BTS SUGA for His Weight Gain
K-pop boy group BTS' fans, ARMY, trended 'YoongiWeLoveYou' on Twitter as haters bash SUGA for his weight gain.

On August 11, BTS performed at '2019 LOTTE DUTY FREE FAMILY CONCERT', that took place at KSPO Dome, Seoul.
SUGADuring BTS' performance, fans have noticed how SUGA has put on some weight, looking healthier than ever.

ARMYs loved the look―especially his chubby, squishy cheeks―saying that it makes him look cuter and adorable.
SUGAWhile it is normal for celebrities to gain some weight during their break, haters saw this as a chance to bash SUGA; posting negative and malicious comments towards him.

Fans did not remain silent, of course―and they nipped negative comments and trended 'YoongiWeLoveYou' to show their full support for SUGA not to get stressed and to fully enjoy his much-needed vacation.
SUGASome comments include, "Leave him alone!", "Body shaming will always be the most disgusting thing, and we won't tolerate it.", "A happy full cheeky smile. That's all fans could ever want.", and more.

Meanwhile, all members of BTS are currently taking an official break from all activities.

(Credit= Online Community, 'Bowwow' YouTube)

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