ITZY YUNA Gets Playful at the Group's Fan Signing Event

Aug 14, 2019

ITZY YUNA Gets Playful at the Group's Fan Signing Event
K-pop girl group ITZY's member YUNA put a smile on her fans' faces with a cheeky but adorable behavior she has shown at the group's recent fan signing event.

On August 10, ITZY held a fan signing event to celebrate the release of its new album 'IT'z ICY'.
ITZYOn this day, the members did their best to interact with their fans while answering all their questions and giving out autographs.
ITZYAll the members seemed so excited to meet their fans but the energy YUNA showed that day was truly something else and it made many of her fans fall in love with her once again.
ITZYWhen one fan gave YUNA a bubble gun as a gift, she put it next to her mouth, and pretended like she was breathing under the water while shooting bubbles with it.

But what truly cracked up her fans that day was the reaction YUNA has shown after receiving a money gun since she loved it so much that she just cannot keep her hands off of it.
ITZYYUNA first gasped when the dollar bills came out of the money gun, then smiled from ear to ear while counting them.
ITZYThen, she got out of her chair to shoot it once again, and picked up all the dollar bills that were on the floor.

After seeing these adorable pictures of YUNA, her fans commented, "I would love to have her as my little sister.", "Look at the way she plays with the bubble gun. So adorable!", "That money gun looks interesting.", and so on.

(Credit= 'yuna129square' 'colaonce' Twitter, 'It's Krad's for ITZY' YouTube)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)