JIMIN Reveals the First Thing He Did for BTS' Long Break

Aug 13, 2019

JIMIN Reveals the First Thing He Did for BTS' Long Break
JIMIN of K-pop boy group BTS revealed what he has planned for the group's first official break.

On August 12, JIMIN sat down to hold a live broadcast and interact with his fans.
JIMINAs BTS' management agency Big Hit Entertainment announced that the group will be taking its first official break, JIMIN took a moment to talk about how he feels to have a vacation.

He revealed that he caught up on much-needed sleep for the first day of his official holiday, sleeping for about 10 straight hours.

JIMIN said, "Shall I be honest? Like totally honest? I woke up and it was 4PM already. I was sleeping the whole time, then I ate and came here. I didn't know I would sleep this long. I slept like 10 hours today, and my back hurts as I slept too much."
JIMINJIMIN also revealed that although he was given approximately two months of vacation, he does not have any plans for it yet.

He said, "I heard that the official announcement for our vacation was released yesterday, but I have zero plans. Every time I get time to be alone, I actually don't have much to do. I'm just wasting my time."

He added, "I just play music, make songs and practice singing. I walk around, open the fridge, lay on the sofa, and play on my phone. Time passes by like that, so I really don't know exactly what to do yet."
JIMINJIMIN explained that he and RM are not used to handle long vacations well because they felt like they were wasting their time.

He explained, "It felt like we were making a big mistake. While I was taking some time to rest, I felt like I need to constantly do something. So we used to say that our vacations shouldn't be too long."

Meanwhile, BTS' next public schedule is in October; the Saudi Arabian leg of the group's ongoing world stadium tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF'.

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