Jung Hae In & Kim Go-eun Tell the Kind of Jobs They Had Before Their Debut

Aug 14, 2019

Jung Hae In & Kim Go-eun Tell the Kind of Jobs They Had Before Their Debut
Actor Jung Hae In and actress Kim Go-eun mentioned what sort of jobs they had before they made debut.

On August 14 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eun made a guest appearance.Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eunWhile talking about their upcoming romance movie 'Tune in for Love', Jung Hae In laughingly said, "I work at a bakery in the movie. A lot of girls come to the bakery just to see me, but that never happened in real life."

He continued, "I worked part-time at a clothing store in the past. The hardest part was finding the right size for a customer and neatly organizing the clothes afterwards. Anyway, it was nothing like the movie; nobody gathered around me."Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eunThen, Kim Go-eun revealed that she has had multiple part-time jobs before pursuing her acting career.

The actress said, "Let's see... Okay, so I've done things like serving at a café, sorting out documents at a city hall and modeling for an online clothing shop."

She went on, "There was this one time when someone suggested that I should make debut and he/she will help me with it. That was when I was waiting at a soba restaurant."Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eunJung Hae In made debut with K-pop girl group AOA's music video 'MOYA' in July 2013 and Kim Go-eun's debut project was a film 'Eungyo' in 2012.

Meanwhile, 'Tune in for Love' is scheduled to hit the theaters on August 28.

(Credit= SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show)

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