Former T-ARA Member Areum Announces Her Marriage

Aug 14, 2019

Former T-ARA Member Areum Announces Her Marriage
K-pop girl group T-ARA's former member Areum (Han Areum) revealed that she will be getting married to her fiancé.

On August 13, Areum took her personal Instagram account to announce the news to her fans.
AreumAreum's announcement reads as follows:

I met a grateful person who taught me how to love. He taught me how to receive it, and he's a man I am grateful to, who held on me firmly when I was in danger with a feeling of grasping at straws. 

He is a comforting and loving person who always tells me that I'm precious. That's why I'm revealing this.

I'm a comfortable and loving person who tells me that I'm precious every day. And that's why I'm saying this. I'm finally getting married at the age of 26 and becoming an adult!

I hesitated a lot about whether I should let you all know or not, but since I've straightened out my own thoughts and looked at the reality of it, I think it is right to let you all know.

The fans who have supported me, and my friends and acquaintances that I'm thankful for. 

You have all been the biggest source of strength for me up until now.

Of course, I have to share my blessing with all of you, so I'm sending you this sudden announcement!

We received a good day on February 9, 2020, and we have reserved our wedding venue already.

Before that, we have a lot of hard works to prepare. I really respect married people.

In my future life, I will remember that I am no longer alone but with a loved one.

I will live a more righteous life so that I can be the right person who is more responsible and have a better influence on the world.

To my fiancé, who gives me courage and accepts my complaints and gives me strength, thank you for giving me so much bright energy, so I could even come up with the idea of marriage.

Whether it is a boring path that we go on, or a happy one, let's be supportive of each other at any time and in any situation, so that we can join hands and walk far away.

If you are tired, let's share it with each other and share our joyful moments with more people. Let's live like that.
T-ARAMeanwhile, Areum announced her departure from T-ARA in July 2013 due to health concerns.

(Credit= 'areum0ju' Instagram, Core Contents Media)

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