VIDEO: A Story Behind SEVENTEEN HOSHI's Recent Overly Touristy Outfit Unveils

Aug 14, 2019

VIDEO: A Story Behind SEVENTEEN HOSHI's Recent Overly Touristy Outfit Unveils
A story behind HOSHI of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN's overly touristy outfit at the airport last month was finally unveiled.

On July 11, the 13 members of SEVENTEEN arrived at Incheon International Airport after performing at 'KCON 2019 NY' at New York City's Javits Center, the United States.

On this day, one of the members HOSHI instantly caught the attention of everyone at the airport with his outfit.

It was because HOSHI was dressed in New York City souvenirs from head to toe.HOSHIUpon checking his outfit out, people could not stop themselves from laughing hysterically for ages.

But that did not bother HOSHI at all; he even confidently stood for photos before leaving the airport.

Fans assumed that it was either the case that HOSHI had fallen deeply in love with New York City during his visit, but they thought it was more likely that he lost a game with his fellow members.
Finally, with the release of the latest episode of SEVENTEEN's variety show 'GOING SEVENTEEN' on August 12, fans were able to find out the reason why HOSHI came out of airport arrivals looking like an extreme New York City lover.

In this episode, DK, HOSHI and JEONGHAN were seen visiting one souvenir shop while walking around the streets of New York City.SEVENTEENAt the store, JEONGHAN suddenly suggested, "How about we make a loser of a rock-paper-scissors game wear the items from this store on the day when we go back to Korea?"

As DK and HOSHI nodded in agreement, JEONGHAN continued, "But the loser does not get any choice in what he'll wear. Also, he has to pay for all of them with his own money."

HOSHI ended up losing this game, and DK and JEONGHAN had much fun choosing the most hilarious items in the store for him to wear.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN is gearing up to make a comeback with a new album 'An Ode 2 : Fear' on September 16.

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