3 Celebrities Who Reminded Everyone of the Most Romantic Season: Fall

Aug 14, 2019

3 Celebrities Who Reminded Everyone of the Most Romantic Season: Fall
K-pop artist Kang Daniel, actor Park Bo Gum, and K-pop boy group BTS' member V were picked as top three celebrities who remind everyone of romantic fall vibes.

On August 8, one online education platform SEVEN EDU revealed the result of the survey they have conducted from July 15 to August 6.

The reason they chose this specific date was because August 8 was 'ipchu', the first day of fall according to the solar term.
Kang DanielOn this day, the website revealed that a total of 3,027 students participated in the survey and 55.3 percent of them (1,675 people) went with Kang Daniel.
Park Bo Gum & VKang Daniel was followed by Park Bo Gum and V who received 676 and 184 votes, respectively, but the gap between first and second places were pretty huge as Park Bo Gum accounted for 22.3 percent of the total votes.
Kang Daniel'Ipchu' used to hold a special meaning in Korea because it not only notified the change in season, but also provided a frame of reference for those who cultivated crops for a living, and it seems like many people thought of Kang Daniel ahead of this meaningful day.

Upon seeing the result of this poll, Kang Daniel, Park Bo Gum, and V's fans commented, "Now I should refer to them as the 'fairies of the fall'.", "I picked Daniel too!", "Yes, I would love to enjoy the first of fall with them.", and so on.

(Credit= SBS funE, KONNECT Entertainment)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)