This Photo Makes People Ask, "Okay, Is that NCT JUNGWOO or SHINee TAEMIN?"

Aug 14, 2019

This Photo Makes People Ask, "Okay, Is that NCT JUNGWOO or SHINee TAEMIN?"
When JUNGWOO of K-pop boy group NCT was first unveiled to the public last year, a lot of people noticed his strong resemblance to TAEMIN of another boy group SHINee.

They could not stop going on about this for ages, because they just looked so similar.

They said, "My brain keeps taking JUNGWOO as TAEMIN every time I look at him!"

As JUNGWOO and TAEMIN are under SM Entertainment, they explained that it could be because they both have the 'SM look'―a preferred appearance by SM Entertainment.JUNGWOO and TAEMINAfter some time, JUNGWOO successfully established himself as JUNGWOO that it seemed TAEMIN no longer popped into people's head when they looked at JUNGWOO.

Just as when JUNGWOO managed to get this whole thing 'sorted out', one past photo of him from middle/high school came into light all of a sudden.JUNGWOOThis past photo got people talking about JUNGWOO and TAEMIN's striking resemblance once again.

Not only his facial features, but also his slim figure and bowl cut hair totally reminded them of TAEMIN when he was around that age.TAEMINAfter checking this photo out, they commented, "Haha just say that you guys are brothers!", "If JUNGWOO ever gets curious of how he will look when he gets older, he can look at TAEMIN.", "Their similarities are unbelievable! I find this extremely cool!", and so on.

(Credit= Online Community, SM Entertainment)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)