VIDEO: Yoona & Cho Jung Seok Attack Everyone's Heart with Their Cute Heart Dance

Aug 16, 2019

VIDEO: Yoona & Cho Jung Seok Attack Everyone's Heart with Their Cute Heart Dance
Yoona of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation and actor Cho Jung Seok almost gave everyone a heart attack with their adorable dance.

On August 15, the production company of Yoona and Cho Jung Seok's current movie 'EXIT' shared a video on their Instagram.

The video showed Yoona and Cho Jung Seok spending some time with the audience of 'EXIT' at one movie theater.
Yoona and Cho Jung SeokOn this day, Yoona and Cho Jung Seok had prepared something extra special for this group of audience.

Instead of expressing their love and gratitude to the audience with words like how they usually would do, they used their body.

Yoona and Cho Jung Seok briefly exchanged looks, then they started making a heart in various ways towards the audience.

Those hearts were not only cute, but also very creative.

Their creativity as well as great synchronization showed how much effort they put into perfecting their moves.

Thankfully, it turned out their efforts were not futile, because the audience loved it so much that they continued to shriek in excitement.

'EXIT' is a disaster movie about a guy named 'Yong Nam' (Cho Jung Seok) and his college friend 'Eui Joo' (Yoona), who used to be the members of the same college hiking club.

After graduation though, the two characters lose contact with each other.

Then one day, they unexpectedly run into one another at the 70th birthday party of Yong Nam's mother where they are suddenly put in an emergency situation as toxic gas floods the city.Yoona and Cho Jung SeokRecently, it was revealed that 'EXIT' attracted over 6 million moviegoers since it premiered on July 31.

(Credit= 'cjenmmovie' Instagram, CJ Entertainment)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)