VIDEO: TWICE JEONGYEON Protects Her Staff Who Almost Bumps into Fans

Aug 20, 2019

VIDEO: TWICE JEONGYEON Protects Her Staff Who Almost Bumps into Fans
K-pop girl group TWICE's member JEONGYEON fluttered the hearts of many with the behavior she has shown at the airport to protect one of the group's staff members.

On August 18, TWICE arrived at Incheon International Airport after wrapping up its concert in Malaysia which was held as part of the group's world tour 'TWICELIGHTS'.

On this day, the press and the fans formed a long line to see the members of TWICE in person and take their pictures.

Due to this, TWICE members had to carefully get out of the airport while being escorted by bodyguards.
TWICEHowever, moving forward was pretty difficult even with the help of the bodyguards because the people who came to see TWICE literally packed the airport and made things impossible for everyone to come through.
TWICETo make things worse, one of the staff members almost bumped into the group's fans who were holding a camera since she could not see ahead because of all the people blocking her way.
TWICEThen, JEONGYEON quickly grabbed the staff's shoulders and pulled her to her side to protect her from getting hurt.

The staff smiled after realizing what JEONGYEON was trying to do and kept walking along with her.
Upon seeing this clip, her fans commented, "She's like a knight in shining armor.", "That seems super dangerous.", "She must've been really touched.", and many more.

Meanwhile, TWICE recently finished the filming of its new music video for its comeback.

(Credit= 'GotgotR' Twitter, 'JYPETWICE' Facebook)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)