VIDEO: JAEMIN Cleverly Disses SM Ent. for Overpricing NCT's Official Merchandise

Aug 19, 2019

VIDEO: JAEMIN Cleverly Disses SM Ent. for Overpricing NCT's Official Merchandise
K-pop boy group NCT's member JAEMIN made fans laugh by cleverly dissing his own management agency.

On August 13, JAEMIN held a live broadcast in celebration of his 19th birthday.JAEMINAbout half an hour in, JAEMIN told his fans he received an official merchandise bracelet from his management agency SM Entertainment for his birthday.

Then, JAEMIN became curious of the price and asked them how much the bracelet was.

A few seconds later, JAEMIN read a fan's comment informing him that it was 12,000 won (approximately 10 dollars).

As soon as JAEMIN read this comment, his eyes widened in surprise and said, "For this? This is 12,000 won? Hmm... Is it made of silver? If it is silver, then I guess it's pretty reasonably priced."JAEMINAs JAEMIN learned that it was not silver, he paused and looked down on his bracelet once again.

He nodded and said nothing but "Hmmm...", seeming like he did not quite know how to respond without sounding like he disapproves of it.JAEMINThen, JAEMIN suddenly started stuttering, "I mean, it is a little... Somewhat... Yes... Actually, the price is alright. It's not bad."

He quickly added with a laugh, "To be honest, if this was being sold for 12,000 won at any other companies, I would say that that is just wrong. But since it's made by our company, the only thing I can only say is that I hope you understand and buy one if you like it."

Before moving on to the next question, JAEMIN sipped his drink with an awkward smile and said, "I was just... I was just being honest."
Meanwhile, NCT's sub-unit NCT DREAM released a new mini album 'We Boom' on July 26.

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(Lee Narin, SBS Star)