Police Officially Bans Yang Hyun Suk from Leaving the Country

Aug 20, 2019

Police Officially Bans Yang Hyun Suk from Leaving the Country
Police have officially placed a travel ban on former YG Entertainment producer/CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

On August 20, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's intelligence crime investigation unit has put in effect a travel ban for Yang Hyun Suk.
Yang Hyun SukYang Hyun Suk was booked for habitual gambling last week, and the authorities reached the decision as Yang Hyun Suk may try to leave the country to avoid prosecution.

K-pop boy group BIGBANG's former member SEUNGRI, who is also being investigated for habitual gambling, has already been banned from leaving the country since March 2019 when the 'Burning Sun' scandal became a nationwide issue.

Police expect to proceed full-scale investigations into Yang Hyun Suk and SEUNGRI's habitual gambling case as early as the end of August, and the two are expected to be summoned for questioning.
Yang Hyun Suk, SEUNGRIEarlier this month, police discovered evidence showing billions of won being illegally gambled by Yang Hyun Suk and SEUNGRI at a casino in Las Vegas, using illegal foreign exchange method commonly known as "hwanchigi."

Police conducted a search and seizure of YG Entertainment headquarters on August 17 in an attempt to discover new evidence.

(SBS Star)