Cho Jung Seok Goes On About GUMMY Nonstop During a Radio Show?

Aug 20, 2019

Cho Jung Seok Goes On About GUMMY Nonstop During a Radio Show?
Actor Cho Jung Seok expressed love for his wife singer GUMMY during the recent recording of a radio show.

On August 19 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', the three cast members of 'EXIT'―Cho Jung Seok, actress Kim Ji Young and Yoona of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation made a guest appearance.Cho Jung SeokDuring the show, Cho Jung Seok continued to speak about GUMMY for ages instead of promoting his movie 'EXIT', even though that was the primary reason why he came to be on the show.

It all began when the hosts and guests were talking about making food at home.

At that time, one of the hosts Kim Tae Kyun asked Cho Jung Seok, "Are you good at cooking? Who cooks more often, you or GUMMY?"

Cho Jung Seok answered, "No, I'm a terrible cook. Ji-yeon (GUMMY's real name) is fantastic at cooking."Cho Jung SeokThen, Kim Ji Young said, "Whenever I ask Jung Seok if he wants to grab something to eat with us before our shooting in the morning, he always says, 'I've eaten already.'"

Cho Jung Seok blushed a little and responded with a laugh, "Did I? Okay, I mean, Ji-yeon honestly does take very good care of me in the morning; she never skips making me breakfast."

The actor added, "Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to her. Thank you so much."

Upon hearing Cho Jung Seok's response, everyone playfully teased him for being "an overly romanticist". Cho Jung SeokAfter about five years of being in a relationship, Cho Jung Seok and GUMMY married each other last October.

(Credit= SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show, C-JeS Entertainment)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)