INFINITE L Plagiarized Other K-pop Stars' Goodbye Letters?

Aug 20, 2019

INFINITE L Plagiarized Other K-pop Stars' Goodbye Letters?
L of K-pop boy group INFINITE has come under fire for copying parts of his handwritten letter off of those that were written by other K-pop stars in the past.

On August 19, L posted a handwritten letter on his Instagram, telling fans that he had decided to leave Woollim Entertainment after about 10 years of working together.LLots of fans came around his Instagram and left comments wishing him good luck with whatever the path he would choose to walk on in the future.

Among these visitors, there happened to be some eagle-eyed fans who noticed some familiar lines in his letter.

They claimed that the letter contained the same sentences from Seohyun of girl group Girls' Generation's letter that she wrote to fans when she left SM Entertainment back in 2017.

Not only one sentence, but as many as five long sentences were exactly the same.LLThese fans thought it was just parts of Seohyun's letter that L passed off as his own at first.

But soon, they discovered that there were other sentences that were copied off of other K-pop stars besides Seohyun when they left their management agency.

The stars included, former boy group B.A.P's Bang Yongguk, former girl group AFTERSCHOOL's Lee Ga Eun, former girl group AOA's Yu-kyung, female duo 15&'s Park Ji Min and former INFINITE's Lee Ho Won.

The fans highlighted all the sentences that L had not made a change in wording, and that made up about half of his letter.LAfter discovering this, fans expressed huge disappointment with L.

They commented, "Is this the best you could do after all these years with us?", "Six people though? Unbelievable! I mean, who knows? There might be more sentences that he had stolen from others. We may just haven't noticed them yet.", "It looks like he couldn't even be bothered to write us anything. You know what? Maybe our time together meant nothing to him.", and so on.

(Credit= 'kim_msl' Instagram, Online Community)

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