All SM Ent. Boy Group Members Have Been the Center of Attention Even Before Debut?

Aug 20, 2019

All SM Ent. Boy Group Members Have Been the Center of Attention Even Before Debut?
K-pop boy group members from SM Entertainment revealed that they all have been the center of attention because of their looks even before their debut.

In one past episode of JTBC's television show 'Knowing Brothers', CHANYEOL of EXO shared a story from his school days which made some of the show's hosts very jealous.
Knowing Brothers' guests and hostsWhilst explaining the one thing he used to do back in high school, CHANYEOL said, "I was extremely popular in high school because I was in girl group Girls' Generation's music video, and I was a trainee at SM Entertainment."
Knowing Brothers' guests and hostsThen, one of the hosts Kang ho-dong asked, "Could you feel the girls staring at you even when you are not looking at them?"
Knowing Brothers' guests and hostsCHANYEOL replied, "I could. I mean, even now, when I look at the pictures of myself from those days, I'm like, 'I was really fine.'"
Knowing Brothers' guests and hostsWhen Kang ho-dong asked SEHUN of EXO, "You probably had a similar experience, right?", he answered, "I think I was way more popular than CHANYEOL. No, I was just kidding."
Knowing Brothers' guests and hostsSEHUN added, "But I think all of you probably felt the same way. I could feel people staring at me whenever I go somewhere."
Knowing Brothers' guests and hostsKnowing Brothers' guests and hostsThen, HeeChul of Super Junior, BAEKHYUN, and KAI of EXO nodded as if they understand what he is talking about.

After seeing this episode, their fans commented, "I just can't relate to his story lol.", "We live in two different worlds because I'm like, 'Do I have something on my pants?' when people stare at me.", "Yep. He truly was handsome in high school", and many more.

(Credit= JTBC Knowing Brothers)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)