BTS J-HOPE's Mysterious Departure to America Alone? SUGA Reacts

Aug 20, 2019

BTS J-HOPE's Mysterious Departure to America Alone? SUGA Reacts
Fans of K-pop boy group BTS are dying to know the reason why J-HOPE departed for the United States all alone for a "promotional activity."

On August 19, J-HOPE was spotted at the Incheon International Airport, departing for Los Angeles, the United States.
J-HOPEThis time, he was not with the other BTS members, making his fans wonder what exactly he will do in the States all alone.

As news reports stated that his departure is for a Stateside promotional activity, some fans believe that he will have some collaboration there.
J-HOPESince all BTS members including J-HOPE himself were known to have their first official vacation until October, his sudden and unexpected departure stirred the fans' curiosity.

Some fans even reached out to BTS through Weverse, saying, "Hey, do you guys know where Hobi (J-HOPE's nickname) is going?"

That is when his fellow member SUGA stepped up and left a simple and not-so-informative comment, "Ah, I'm jealous."
SUGATo this, fans commented, "It seems like we have to wait a little more to know what Hobi has in store.", "Dear ARMYs in LA, let's respect his personal space and privacy if one of us happen to run into J-HOPE.", and more.

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