Lee Jin Hyuk Speaks About His Skyrocketing Popularity After 'Produce X 101'

Aug 20, 2019

Lee Jin Hyuk Speaks About His Skyrocketing Popularity After 'Produce X 101'
K-pop boy group UP10TION's member Lee Jin Hyuk revealed what has changed in his life after participating in Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce X 101'.

On August 20, magazine @star1 unveiled part of Lee Jin Hyuk's recent interview.Lee Jin HyukDuring the interview, Lee Jin Hyuk mentioned being under more spotlight than ever, since his debut in 2015.

Lee Jin Hyuk said, "It feels so unreal. I just can't believe that I'm receiving this much love. It still feels strange bumping into fans when I'm out. They ask me for a selfie and I'm like, 'Oh, umm... Okay, sure.'"

He playfully added, "I feel like I have become a worldwide popular star like Lee Dong Wook, our representative of the national producers. It certainly makes me feel good though."Lee Jin HyukThen, Lee Jin Hyuk was asked how he felt about his unfortunate elimination that happened to take place in the final round of 'Produce X 101'.

With a cheerful tone of voice, Lee Jin Hyuk answered, "It was sad but I wasn't depressed about it or anything, because having made to that round already meant a lot to me."

He continued, "I wanted to just accept whatever the result was to come, plan my life accordingly, and move on as soon as I could."Lee Jin HyukMeanwhile, Lee Jin Hyuk kicked off his solo promotions with his fan meeting tour 'T.Y.F.L' with a show in Seoul on August 10.

(Credit= 'ljh_babysun' Instagram, Mnet Produce X 101)

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