ITZY Reveals Some Odd Group Names that It Almost Made Debut as

Aug 21, 2019

ITZY Reveals Some Odd Group Names that It Almost Made Debut as
K-pop girl group ITZY revealed some peculiar names that were almost given to the group.

On August 21 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', ITZY joined the talk.ITZYDuring the opening, one of the hosts Kim Tae Kyun asked, "What does the name of your group mean?"

YEJI answered, "As 'itji' means 'to have' in Korean, it means we have everything everyone expects from a K-pop group."ITZYKim Tae Kyun responded, "I see. Then, were there any other names on the list besides ITZY?"

RYUJIN answered, "Oh, there were loads. I remember there was 'Purple Heart' on the list. I somehow remember seeing that name than any other names."ITZYLIA added, "I think our agency wanted to give us a name that sort of gave off girl crush charms. We almost made debut as 'Triggle'. There was also 'Queendom'."

She continued, "But ITZY was chosen in the end. Our head producer J.Y. Park chose it."

Then, another host Moon Se Yoon commented with a laugh, "Well, he made a great choice. ITZY suits you girls very well."ITZYITZY debuted with a single 'IT'z Different' this February, and released its first mini album 'IT'z ICY' on July 29.

(Credit= SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show, JYP Entertainment)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)