BTS JIN Goes on a Fishing Trip with SUGA During the Group's Vacation

Aug 22, 2019

BTS JIN Goes on a Fishing Trip with SUGA During the Group's Vacation
K-pop boy group BTS' member JIN and SUGA had a blast catching fish on the sea.

On August 21, JIN posted new pictures on the group's official Twitter account which he took during his recent fishing trip.
BTSIn the pictures, JIN is wearing a neon orange life vest as everyone on boat should and proudly presenting different types of fish he caught.
BTSIt is unclear whether they intended it or not, but JIN and SUGA wore matching outfits to their fishing trip and made sure that they never get a sunburn by wearing a hat and a long-sleeve top.
BTSBoth of them looked amazing even though they were not wearing anything fancy, and JIN fluttered the hearts of his fans with this picture of him holding a fishing pole like a model from a fishing magazine.

JIN and SUGA must think of each other as great fishing buddies since this was not the first time they spent their holidays out on the sea.
BTSBack in November 2018, JIN took SUGA out fishing, and they invited singer Lee Hyun on their fishing trip last June.

After seeing these pictures, their fans commented, "I would love to go fishing with them but I have sea sickness.", "They caught so many.", "What are they going to do with all that fish?", and so on.

(Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter)

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