One Broadcasting Company Staff Compliments TWICE DAHYUN's Polite & Kind Personality

Aug 22, 2019

One Broadcasting Company Staff Compliments TWICE DAHYUN's Polite & Kind Personality
One temporary staff who worked for 'The Idol Star Athletics Championships' shared how K-pop girl group TWICE's member DAHYUN treated all staff members equally whether they were producers or cleaners.

On August 12, MBC's holiday special variety show 'The Idol Star Athletics Championships' was shot from early in the morning until late at night at Goyang Gymnasium, Gyeonggi-do.

About a week later on August 21, a person claiming that he/she cleaned waiting rooms and hallways during the shooting revealed what K-pop stars he/she had seen were like behind the camera online.DAHYUNThis person started off the post by stating, "Before I had worked for 'The Idol Star Athletics Championships', I must admit that I had somewhat negative assumptions about K-pop stars. But a lot of them actually turned out to be very nice. I particularly would like to talk about DAHYUN, because her kindness was the most memorable to me."

The staff said, "When K-pop stars arrived at the venue, they walked on the red carpet and came around backstage to say hi to the head producers and scriptwriters. Most of them would just pass me and other temporary workers who were beside them, but DAHYUN was an exception; she made eye contact with every one of us and said hi in a respectful manner."DAHYUNHe/she went on, "As DAHYUN was hosting the show, she stopped by her waiting room quite a few times on that day. Whenever she did, she would ask us if we had eaten any food, it is not too hot and things like that. At that time, I also heard her saying to her manager that she felt terrible about her fans staying at the venue until late at night because of her."

Then, the staff wrapped up the story, "At the end of the day when the shooting was over, DAHYUN not only thanked the filming crew but also me and other temporary workers with a smile. I'm so grateful to her for everything and would like to tell all her fans that you guys definitely have chosen the right person to fanboy/fangirl over!"DAHYUNThis heart-warming story successfully reached DAHYUN's fans, and they left comments such as, "Awww thank you for sharing!", "I'll have to tell her about this when I go to TWICE's next fan signing event. She'll be very happy to hear it.", "She really is an angel!", and so on.

(Credit= JYP Entertainment)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)