JIMIN Tells What He Is Most Proud of Among the Things He Has Done for BTS

Aug 22, 2019

JIMIN Tells What He Is Most Proud of Among the Things He Has Done for BTS
K-pop boy group BTS' member JIMIN shared what he is most proud of among the stuff he has done for his fellow members.

Recently, one fan compiled the interviews BTS did in the past few years to show how much JIMIN thinks and cares about his fellow members and how he changed the culture of his group.
BTSBack in 2016, J-HOPE said during the group's fan meeting, "JIMIN always gives us lots of gifts. He always says that he is sorry because he can't do more for me, but he was actually the first person who took care of me. It was truly touching."
BTSRM added, "We never really celebrated our birthdays because we were all boys but JIMIN sort of established a new tradition after giving us our birthday presents."
BTSIn the same year, JIMIN revealed that one thing that he is most proud of among the things he did recently was giving birthday presents to his fellow members.
BTSWhen JIMIN prepares a gift, he does not just buy the stuff that springs to his mind, he carefully considers his fellow members' taste and takes all the other factors into consideration.
BTSIt certainly is not an easy thing to do, but JIMIN always succeeded in getting his fellow members exactly what they want thanks to this through way of finding a present.

Upon hearing these stories, ARMYs (the name of BTS' fan club) commented, "He truly is an angel sent from heaven.", "He's just too good to be true.", "Cool. It seems like he knows the joy of giving.", and so on.

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