Jung Hae In & Kim Go-eun's Real Couple-like Pictorial Unveils

Aug 22, 2019

Jung Hae In & Kim Go-eun's Real Couple-like Pictorial Unveils
Actor Jung Hae In and actress Kim Go-eun were spotted looking like a real couple.

On August 19, fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea released Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eun's latest pictorial online.

The magazine said that the pictorial was taken for its September issue, which is right after when their romance movie 'Tune in for Love' comes out.Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eunThey explained that they wanted to highlight Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eun's perfect chemistry as much as they could in the photos.

It seemed the photos turned out even better than they had hoped, because they made Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eun look like a real couple who are completely in love.Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eunJung Hae In and Kim Go-eunIn the photos, Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eun hugged each other and burst out laughing as soon as their eyes met.

There were photos of them wearing a similar outfit where it looked as if they had taken photos of each other while on a trip as well.

No awkwardness could be seen, and they both had a genuine smile on their face.Jung Hae In and Kim Go-eunUpon seeing these photos, many fans have expressed their wish for them to start dating, as not only they look great together, but also they both claim to be single at the moment.

Meanwhile, 'Tune in for Love' is planned to premiere in the theaters on August 28.

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