TOMORROW X TOGETHER Finally Announces Its Official Fandom Name

Aug 22, 2019

TOMORROW X TOGETHER Finally Announces Its Official Fandom Name
K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)'s official fandom name has finally been chosen after its agency said to rename it in May.

On August 22, TXT's management agency Big Hit Entertainment (Big Hit) announced the group's official fandom name to be 'MOA'.TOMORROW X TOGETHERFirst, the agency thanked fans who submitted their ideas and suggestions, "Thank you for the contribution you have made. Your support meant a lot to us."

Next, they said 'MOA' was decided by the members of Big Hit staff as well as TXT themselves, after a long discussion.TOMORROW X TOGETHERIt was explained what 'MOA' meant, and it went as follows:

'MOA' (모아)

1. Moments Of Alwaysness: TXT and fans will share each and every moment, always and forever.

2. TXT and fans will gather ('moa' in Korean) pieces of their dreams together to complete one whole dream.

TOMORROW X TOGETHERTOMORROW X TOGETHERTOMORROW X TOGETHERBack on April 25, Big Hit revealed TXT's official fandom name was decided as 'YOUNG ONE'.

Soon after the announcement, however, fans discovered that Big Hit had chosen the same official fandom name as Tiffany Young of girl group Girls' Generation's.

About a week later, Big Hit issued an apology to fans and said that they will revise the official fandom name for TXT.

Then, the agency told fans they will be receiving ideas and suggestions until May 12.TOMORROW X TOGETHERNo news had been heard since, and about three months later, fans were gifted with a meaningful fandom name at last.

'MOA' across the globe cannot be happier and are busy expressing their happiness all over social media at the moment.

(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)