BTS V Reveals the Story Behind 'Winter Bear' Cover

Aug 22, 2019

BTS V Reveals the Story Behind 'Winter Bear' Cover
It has been revealed that the two bears in the cover of V of K-pop boy group BTS' new self-composed song 'Winter Bear' were actually gifts from his fellow member JIMIN.

On August 21 episode of BTS' online variety show 'Run BTS! 2019', the seven members of BTS were seen enjoying various water sports and an outdoor barbecue in Cheongpyeong, Gyeonggi-do.

After a good dinner, the members sat down to exchange gifts.
BTS V LIVEWhile many of the presents were something hilarious, but JIMIN prepared a rather sentimental and thoughtful gift for V―two black bear figurines.
BTS V LIVEV explained, "I haven't played the whole song to you all yet, but I'm going to release a self-composed song very soon. The title of the song is 'Winter Bear'."
BTS V LIVEAlong with the two bears, JIMIN also gave V two porcelain mugs and said, "V's into pottery and arts these days, so..." and added, "I really go to bed listening to V's song these days."
BTS V LIVEWhen 'Winter Bear' was finally released to the public on August 9, V featured the two bears on the cover of the song.
BTS V LIVEYou can listen to V's 'Winter Bear' in the music video below.

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