Super Junior HeeChul & His Mother to Join 'My Little Old Boy'

Aug 22, 2019

Super Junior HeeChul & His Mother to Join 'My Little Old Boy'
HeeChul of K-pop boy group Super Junior and his mother have secured a regular spot on 'My Little Old Boy'.

On August 22, SBS 'My Little Old Boy' announced that HeeChul and his mother will be joining the show.My Little Old BoyMy Little Old BoyThey said, "HeeChul and his mother have decided to permanently join our show. You will be able to check out the 'real' daily life of HeeChul from an upcoming episode this weekend."

They continued, "When his mother first watched HeeChul's life with the other hosts in the studio, she was shocked at what she was seeing. She shook her head side to side and commented, 'What are you doing, HeeChul? You are a celebrity!'"

Lastly, they added, "HeeChul has a very interesting life. We are confident that our viewers will find it interesting as well."My Little Old Boy'My Little Old Boy' is a reality show that features a commentary from the mothers of 'old' celebrities watching a footage showing what their sons/daughters do in their everyday life.

Currently, singers Hong Jin Young, Kim Jong-kook, Kim Geon-mo, Tony Ahn, entertainers Park Soo-hong, Lee Sang Min and their mothers make a regular appearance.

Meanwhile, 'My Little Old Boy' airs every Sunday at 9:05PM KST.

(Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)