Baby NCT JISUNG Outgrows Red Velvet IRENE in Just Six Years!

Aug 22, 2019

Baby NCT JISUNG Outgrows Red Velvet IRENE in Just Six Years!
K-pop boy group NCT's member JISUNG grew up so much in the past six years that it even changed the relationship between him and girl group Red Velvet's leader IRENE.

Recently, a thread titled, 'Now and then: a little boy who used to ask IRENE for snack' caught the eyes of many.
IRENE and JISUNGIn the post, there were pictures of IRENE and JISUNG which they took six years ago and this year.

Back in 2013, JISUNG only reached IRENE's nose and literally looked like a baby as he was only 11 years old.
IRENE and JISUNGJISUNG almost froze and awkwardly smiled when IRENE tried to give him some snack, whereas she seemed pretty comfortable hanging out and taking pictures with him.

However, JISUNG outgrew IRENE in the past six years and the picture of the two completely changed as he reached 180 cm (5.9ft).IRENE and JISUNGNCTHe already is the tallest member in NCT's sub-unit NCT DREAM but there is a possibility for him to grow even taller since he still has a few years left until his growth plate closes.

Upon seeing these pictures, their fans commented, "He went from a boy to a man.", "Wow. This happened in just six years?", "Now IRENE looks like a baby.", and many more.

(Credit= Online Community, 'twinkleland2002' 'BAEBAE_329' 'NCTsmtown_DREAM' 'RVsmtown' Twitter)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)