VIDEO: Girls' Generation Taeyeon Is Growing Grass on Her Hair?

Aug 23, 2019

VIDEO: Girls' Generation Taeyeon Is Growing Grass on Her Hair?
Taeyeon of Girls' Generation was spotted with some 'grass' on her hair and fans as well as Taeyeon herself are laughing about it.

On August 20, Taeyeon turned on a live broadcast on her Instagram.TaeyeonOn this day, Taeyeon boasted her beauty with her gorgeous blonde hair.

Only a few minutes after the live broadcast started, one fan left a comment, "Noona, you have grass on your hair!"

As soon as Taeyeon read this comment, she laughed and ran through the strands of extremely short hair on top of her head with her fingers.

She commented, "I know. My hair broke as I bleached it too many times."TaeyeonSo, Taeyeon went on to ask her fans, "What shall I do about this, guys? Can anyone here with short hair tell me how long it usually takes for this length of hair to grow to like down here?", and pointed her collarbone.

A moment later, she read a comment saying, "It'll probably take about a year."

Upon reading this comment, she commented with her eyes wide open, "What? A year?"

Then, she said while looking at her dog, "Hey, Zero. How long do you think this part of my hair will grow until next year?"

When her fans watched this part of the live broadcast, they said things such as, "'Grass' lol It's so cute though!", "Hope your hair will grow fast, unnie!", "Haha the way she responded after finding out it'll take like a year makes me laugh so much."

(Credit= 'taeyeon_ss' Instagram)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)