YEJI Sings 'Happy Birthday' to Fan Who Came to See ITZY on Her Birthday

Aug 27, 2019

YEJI Sings 'Happy Birthday' to Fan Who Came to See ITZY on Her Birthday
K-pop girl group ITZY's leader YEJI moved her fan on her birthday by celebrating her special day in the cutest way possible.

On August 25, ITZY held a fan signing event at COEX, Seoul to celebrate the release of its first mini album 'IT'z ICY'.
ITZYOn this day, the members welcomed their fans with open arms and greeted every single one of them with a big smile on their faces.
ITZYAll the members showed an enthusiastic reaction and positive attitude while talking to their fans, but the one who truly moved them that day was no other than YEJI.
ITZYWhen one girl showed up in front of her wearing a hat that looks like a birthday cake and said, "It is my birthday today," YEJI replied, "Oh, really?" while putting a headband on her head.
ITZYThen, YEJI looked down to sign an autograph and started to sing 'Happy Birthday' with all her heart as if she was celebrating her best friend or family member's birthday.
ITZYYEJI even made a little heart sign with her fingers while singing the song and blew out the candles on her fan's head as a joke.

After seeing this video, her fans commented, "That is the best birthday present there is.", "That hat is just so cute. I want one too.", "If that was me, I definitely would've cried.", and so on.

(Credit= '비몽' YouTube)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)