Suzy Transforms Herself into a Fearless Intelligence Agent for 'VAGABOND'

Aug 26, 2019

Suzy Transforms Herself into a Fearless Intelligence Agent for 'VAGABOND'
New publicity stills of singer/actress Suzy have been revealed for SBS' upcoming spy drama 'VAGABOND'.

On August 26, the production team of 'VAGABOND' dropped fierce stills of the drama's female lead, Suzy.

Suzy will be starring in the drama as 'Ko Hae-ri', an ace national intelligence agent of South Korea.
SuzyIn the midst of working at the Korean Embassy in Morocco while hiding her identity, a plane crashes, causing her to be swept up in a sudden whirlwind of unexpected events.

In the newly-released stills, Suzy is seen wearing safety glasses, ear muffs, and a bulletproof vest, captivating everyone who is looking forward to the drama with her charismatic pose while aiming her gun.
SuzyWith a gaze that shines brightly in such intense atmosphere, Suzy successfully portrayed a new type of character she had yet to attempt until now.

According to the production team, Suzy kept a calm and serious attitude on set, staying tense to concentrate on filming the dangerous scene.

Strict regulations took place in order to film in a safe environment, and Suzy took her shot at the target, showcasing the skills she had honed over time to perfectly depict her character.
SuzyA source from the production team commented, "On top of the charming character, the actress herself is full of passion. We're certain that Suzy will create a character of her lifetime."

Meanwhile, 'VAGABOND' is slated to premiere on September 20.


(SBS Star)