Fans Gasp at How Much BTS V & JUNGKOOK Have Changed Since Debut

Aug 26, 2019

Fans Gasp at How Much BTS V & JUNGKOOK Have Changed Since Debut
It has been just over six years since the members of K-pop boy group BTS made their debut.

Most were still a teenager then, and you could tell that by looking at how much baby fat they had on their face at that time.BTSThey lost their baby fat over time and their facial features also started shaping themselves.

Out of the seven members, the two youngest members―V and JUNGKOOK seemed to have had the most dramatic change.BTSTo a lot of fans, V and JUNGKOOK were just a baby back in 2013.

But at some point, they became a man without a warning in advance and began to flutter fans' hearts.

It seemed time had done an excellent job in enhancing their physical attractiveness.VVAt the moment, fans are all hoping that V and JUNGKOOK will not get any more attractive than how they are now, because their beauty is already making them hard to breathe.

They said, "Can anyone please stop these guys from getting even hotter? I seriously feel dead already.", "They were so young! But now? Just wow...", "I've been a fan since their debut and I remember those times. Sexiness certainly has hit them hard!", and so on.JUNGKOOKJUNGKOOK(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment, Online Community, 'to_my_darlingv' 'MeltingJk' 'FourSeasons_V' 'vlikeangel' 'THEKNOCK_JK' Twitter)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)