One Student from Yeo Jin Goo's University Publicly Asks Him Out

Aug 27, 2019

One Student from Yeo Jin Goo's University Publicly Asks Him Out
One student from actor Yeo Jin Goo's university courageously asked him out through their university's Facebook page.

On August 24, one student wrote on Chung-Ang university's Facebook page, "Yeo JG majoring in drama and film, go out with me if you don't have a girlfriend."
Yeo Jin GooEven though the person did not reveal his full name, everyone knew who she/he was talking about since one person who has that exact initial and goes to that school instantly popped up into their head―Yeo Jin Goo.
Yeo Jin GooYeo Jin Goo entered Chung-Ang university back in 2016, and it seems like some of the students who study there dreamed of going out with him through their Facebook page.
Yeo Jin GooBut that was not a total nonsense since most of the universities in Korea have their own 'Bamboo Forest' Facebook page that allows students to share all kinds of information, and sometimes they do find their girlfriend/boyfriend through it.

After seeing this adorable post, his fans commented, "Get in line. You are not the only one who wants to go out with him.", "I feel you. He's just too handsome.", "Did he say yes?", and many more.

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo is currently focusing on the filming of his drama 'Hotel Del Luna'.

(Credit= 'caubamboo' Facebook, JANUS ENT)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)