JYP Entertainment Gives Update on TWICE MINA's Health & Future Activities

Aug 27, 2019

JYP Entertainment Gives Update on TWICE MINA's Health & Future Activities
K-pop girl group TWICE's management agency JYP Entertainment has shared an update on the group's member MINA's health condition and plans for upcoming activities.

On August 27, JYP Entertainment released an official statement regarding MINA's ongoing hiatus from all TWICE activities.
MINAThe agency's statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

This is an additional notice on the state of MINA's health.

After receiving several examinations from medical institutions, it was confirmed that MINA's current health condition can be identified as anxiety disorder.

The major characteristics of the symptom is that the individual can suffer severe periods of anxiety without warning, whether it be continuously or sporadically.

Furthermore, the severity of such anxiety can also fluctuate suddenly and spontaneously.

Based on this unpredictable situation, MINA's participation in scheduled activities is being decided through discussion with MINA herself and the members.

In addition, MINA's participation in activities has to be decided entirely based on the objective state of MINA's health, so we ask for the understanding of fans on the decisions inevitably being partially selective.

We will continue to do our best and take all possible measures to ensure MINA's recovery. We ask for fans' abundant support and encouragement.
MINABack in July, it was announced that MINA is taking an indefinite break from all TWICE activities due to health concerns.

(Credit= '비몽' YouTube, JYP Entertainment)

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