VIDEO: WINNER JINU & MINO Send a Sweet Message to Fans During a Live TV Show

Aug 27, 2019

VIDEO: WINNER JINU & MINO Send a Sweet Message to Fans During a Live TV Show
K-pop boy group WINNER's members JINU and MINO sent a sweet message to their fans during a live television show.

On August 25, JINU joined the lineup for SBS' live music show 'Inkigayo'.WINNEROn this day, JINU had a goodbye stage with his solo song 'CALL ANYTIME' featuring MINO.

It seemed JINU and MINO decided to do something special since they were wrapping up their promotions for the song.

As their performance started, fans noticed there was something written on the back of JINU's right hand.

He had written, "INSEO (the nickname of WINNER's fandom INNER CIRCLE), thank you." and drawn a little heart next to it.WINNERThen a few minutes later when MINO joined JINU on stage, he held up his phone and showed the screen to the camera.

The writing on the screen said, "INSEO, love you." and it was surrounded by blue (the official color of INNER CIRCLE) hearts.WINNERAfter the show, WINNER's management agency YG Entertainment shared photos of the two on the group's Twitter.

The photos showed MINO holding his phone up and JINU with his right hand in front of his face. WINNERThe agency explained, "JINU and MINO decided to surprise INNER CIRCLE today. Earlier in their waiting room, they were like, 'If we write it this way, then will our fans see it the right way?' 'Yeah, that should be the right way.', and so on. Thank you again for your love and support, INNER CIRCLE."WINNERINNER CIRCLE around the world are so touched by this and unable to stop themselves from going "Awww! We love you so much, JINU and MINO!" at the moment.

(Credit= SBS Inkigayo, 'yginnercircle' 'yg_winnercity' Twitter)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)