Henry & Kathryn Prescott Hang Out Together in Seoul

Aug 27, 2019

Henry & Kathryn Prescott Hang Out Together in Seoul
K-pop artist/actor Henry and English actress Kathryn Prescott were spotted hanging out together in Seoul.

On August 26, Henry uploaded photos of himself with Kathryn Prescott on his Instagram.Henry and Kathryn PrescottThe photos were of Henry and Kathryn Prescott spending quality time in Hongdae, Seoul.

They walked about the streets, performed alongside some street performers and visited a character brand store.

It was clear that they had lots of fun together on this day, because they looked remarkably happy in the photos.

Along with these photos, Henry wrote, "Welcome back, Kat!", as Kathryn Prescott had previously visited him in Korea not too long ago.Henry and Kathryn PrescottHenry and Kathryn PrescottOn this day, Henry surprised one street performer by joining his singing as well.

Kathryn Prescott was too shy to join, but Henry certainly was not; he sang with the street performer for a few minutes.Henry and Kathryn PrescottTheir unexpected duet performance video was shared online afterwards and the street performer left a comment under the video.

He wrote, "Oh my! I'm that guy who's singing there. I was so surprised when I saw Henry approaching me. I was like, 'Is that really Henry? Is he coming towards me for real? No way.'"

Then, he expressed his gratitude and love to Henry, "Thank you for singing with me and telling me that I was good. I love you, Henry!"

A moment later, Henry came along and replied, "We sounded pretty great over there! I enjoyed it so much!"

Currently, Henry and Kathryn Prescott are busy promoting their Hollywood film 'A Dog's Journey' in Korea.

(Credit= 'idolinews' Facebook, 'henryl89' Instagram)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)