Song Joong Ki Spotted Enjoying a Meal at a Restaurant

Aug 27, 2019

Song Joong Ki Spotted Enjoying a Meal at a Restaurant
Actor Song Joong Ki was spotted having a meal at a restaurant.

On August 26, Chinese media outlet Sina released recent photos of Song Joong Ki.

The first set of photos showed Song Joong Ki sitting around the table at a restaurant with some people.

He seemed to have enjoyed the food, as he is seen looking at the menu as if he wants to order more.Song Joong KiIn the following set, Song Joong Ki is with a female fan who asked him for photos.

He looks happy and does not look like he is bothered by a single bit by a fan's request as well.

In all these photos, Song Joong Ki looks just as comfortable as his outfit.Song Joong KiIt is unknown whether this restaurant is in Korea or outside Korea, but the update was good enough to please curious fans wondering Song Joong Ki's whereabouts.

They said, "It's been some time, oppa! We missed you.", "Looking great as usual!", "I'm glad to see you doing well. Take good care of yourself at all times, okay?", and so on.

(Credit= Sina)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)