Suzy Goes Red for the First Time Since Debut & Everyone Is Loving It

Aug 27, 2019

Suzy Goes Red for the First Time Since Debut & Everyone Is Loving It
Singer/actress Suzy asked what everybody thought about the color of her hair after dying it red, and it looks like they are all loving it very much.

On August 23, Suzy attended one event held by a cosmetics brand at COEX, Seoul.SuzyOn this day, Suzy had given herself a makeover which resulted in her getting more spotlight than ever at the event.

It was because her makeover was the perfect choice that she possibly could make.

She had dyed her hair red for the first time since her debut and managed to look absolutely stunning with it.

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COSMOPOLITAN KOREA 코스모폴리탄(@cosmopolitankorea)님의 공유 게시물님,

On the following day, Suzy shared photos of herself at a restaurant on Instagram.

Along with these photos that clearly showed a change in her hair color, she wrote, "I dyed my hair to a red onion color. What do you think?"SuzyIt seemed Suzy wanted to see what others had to say about her decision.

Under this post, her followers left comments such as, "I LOVE IT!", "No words can describe how gorgeous you look with your new hair color. Don't you worry!", "Oh sweetie, you look beautiful. You pulled the red color off amazingly well!", and so on.SuzyMeanwhile, Suzy awaits for her drama 'VAGABOND' to begin broadcasting on September 20.

(Credit= 'cosmopolitankorea' 'skuukzky' Instagram, SBS funE)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)