Times When There Was a Massive Awkward Bubble Surrounding JUNGKOOK & MINGYU

Aug 28, 2019

Times When There Was a Massive Awkward Bubble Surrounding JUNGKOOK & MINGYU
K-pop boy group BTS's member JUNGKOOK and another boy group SEVENTEEN's member MINGYU are known to be very good friends.

JUNGKOOK and MINGYU even belong to this group of friends called '97-line', which consists of male K-pop stars who are born in 1997.

But it was not like they knew one another before they made debut or anything.

In fact, there was a quite long period where they only knew each other's name and their friendship journey was not as smooth as one would think.JUNGKOOK and MINGYUSome time after MINGYU made debut as a member of SEVENTEEN in May 2015, he encountered JUNGKOOK at one music event.

At that time, they happened to stand next to each other on stage.

It looked like they felt too awkward that they avoided making eye contact for a while.

Their eyes ended up meeting, and they bowed to each other in an extremely polite manner.JUNGKOOK and MINGYUThen in January 2016, they met again during the shooting of MBC's holiday special variety show 'The Idol Star Athletics Championships'.

While on a break, JUNGKOOK approached MINGYU and were seen asking him a question.

After MINGYU answered JUNGKOOK's question, it seemed they both wanted to continue their conversation, but just could not come up with anything to say.

So, JUNGKOOK walked away with an awkward smile a few minutes later.JUNGKOOK and MINGYUOn this day, JUNGKOOK ran on the track and at the end of the game, MINGYU gave a pat on JUNGKOOK's back for doing a good job.

Since MINGYU patted JUNGKOOK as he was walking by, JUNGKOOK failed to notice MINGYU's gesture and did not turn around to thank him.JUNGKOOK and MINGYUAlong the way though, an opportunity was given to JUNGKOOK and MINGYU to become close, and were finally able to break out of an awkward bubble.

Now, they have become such close friends who hang out whenever they have time.

(Credit= Online Community, 'bambam1a' Instagram, 'BTS_twt' Twitter)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)