SUHO Goes Around EXO·Red Velvet·SHINee's Instagram Leaving Cute Comments

Aug 28, 2019

SUHO Goes Around EXO·Red Velvet·SHINee's Instagram Leaving Cute Comments
K-pop boy group EXO's leader SUHO left such adorable and hilarious comments all over Instagram and fans are loving them so much.

On August 27, SUHO was seen going around Instagram leaving comments under photos and videos of his fellow members as well as the members of K-pop groups Red Velvet and SHINee.EXORed VelvetSHINeeIt seemed SUHO felt bored that he randomly decided to visit some of his close group and label mates' Instagram.

On this day, he used about 10 minutes of his time to check out their latest posts and say something about them.

Here are cyberspaces where SUHO had left his trace behind:

1. EXOXIUMIN: This photo will be it for today. Bye for now.

SUHO: I miss you.



EXO_CY(@real__pcy)님의 공유 게시물님,

CHANYEOL: (an emoji of a man playing basketball)

SUHO: Wow, basketball man! What's up?

CHANYEOL: Want to go and play basketball with me?

SUHO: Follow me to the rooftop.



BaekHyun.(@baekhyunee_exo)님의 공유 게시물님,

BAEKHYUN: (an emoji of a face with tears of joy)

SUHO: I think he's trying to be cute here. Let me apologize on behalf of him.

4. Red VelvetYERI: I put on coral lipstick today.

SUHO: Umpah Umpah (the name of Red Velvet's new song)

5. Red VelvetSEULGI: Hi.

SUHO: Bye.

6. SHINeeTAEMIN: What's going on my hair...?

SUHO: (fanboy mode) You are so awesome, TAEMIN!

(Credit= 'e_xiu_o' 'real__pcy' 'baekhyunee_exo' 'yerimiese' 'hi_sseulgi' 'lm_____ltm' 'kimjuncotton' Instagram, SM Entertainment)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)