VIDEO: Yeo Jin Goo's Adorable Past Video Unveils

Aug 29, 2019

VIDEO: Yeo Jin Goo's Adorable Past Video Unveils
One cute past video of actor Yeo Jin Goo is making fans nonstop going, "Awww!"

Recently, one past video of Yeo Jin Goo started gaining attention again as the result of the success of his current drama 'Hotel Del Luna'.

The video showed actor Sung Dong-il taking a break in his waiting room during the shooting of one drama in 2006.Sung Dong-ilAt that time, Yeo Jin Goo was a child actor who acted as Sung Dong-il's son in the drama, and went to visit him in the waiting room to hand him some instant coffee.

When one of the staff members jokingly asked Yeo Jin Goo, "How much does that cost?", he responded with a confused look on his face, "I don't need money."Yeo Jin GooThen, Sung Dong-il gave Yeo Jin Goo the package of instant coffee and paper cup, and asked Yeo Jin Goo if he could make some coffee for him.

Yeo Jin Goo took the package and cup from him and skipped towards a water dispenser, looking all excited.Yeo Jin GooAfter Yeo Jin Goo had successfully made coffee, he carefully walked back to waiting room and handed the cup to Sung Dong-il.

Once again, the staff asked Yeo Jin Goo how much his special cup of coffee cost, he smiled and answered, "It's okay."

Not only Yeo Jin Goo looked overly cute to the point where it almost gave fans a heart attack, but they were also completely struck by the cuteness in the way he spoke his words and behaved.

Meanwhile, 'Hotel Del Luna' featuring Yeo Jin Goo and K-pop artist/actress IU is aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM KST.

(Credit= 'JANUSENT' Facebook, 'MBCentertainment' YouTube)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)